Elected to public office in 2019, Jason Hoskins served his community during some of the most difficult years our nation has faced – and got results. Jason will bring his tested and proven experience to Lansing.

 “As a city councilmember, lawyer, and legislative policy analyst I know how to get results for the 18th District. I’m ready on day one to get to work combining my experience and coalition of local support to make your voice heard in Lansing. I hope I can count on your vote on August 2nd, 2022. Check out some of my results-driven agenda for our community below”

Thank you,

Boost our Economy

As a Southfield City Councilmember I helped create jobs and bring business to Southfield. In fact, Southfield was named one of the best places in the country to start a small business. I will bring the same results to the 18th House Districts. That’s why I want to:

  • Address the rise in inflation in our state.
  • Repeal the terrible retirement pension tax
  • Support raising the minimum wage
  • Create a fairer tax system that will result in more critical funding for services, lower tax rates for Michiganders, and a boost to our economy
  • Increase paid sick leave for hardworking families
  • Invest in more skilled trades and apprenticeship programs

Improve our Education System

I will support our students and teachers by getting politics out of the classroom and getting our public schools the funding it needs. That why I want to:

  • Make schools safe learning environments for students and safe working environments for teachers
  • Address staffing issues and attract the best educators to our schools by supporting incentives  and tuition reimbursement for teachers
  • Create transparency and accountability standards for charter schools that hold them to same standard as traditional public schools
  • Secure equitable funding, making sure that each school in our community is having its needs met
  • Make college more affordable and support the skilled trades in Michigan

Investing in our Communities
As a local elected official I saw firsthand that our communities are not getting the funding we’re entitled to thanks to funding formulas that divert our tax dollars to Lansing instead of using them where they are needed – right here in our community. That’s why I want to:

  • Address long-term funding solutions that finally fix our roads
  • Ensure utility companies provide us with a functioning energy grid, and holding them accountable when they don’t
  • Support advances in infrastructure that bring good paying jobs to the district
  • Amend Proposal A and the Headlee Amendment to ensure that local governments have adequate revenue, especially following economic downturns.
  • Fight for a revenue-sharing formula that doesn’t leave our local governments in debt and allows them to invest in our neighborhoods and support community services like police, fire, and parks
  • Explore legislative avenues to create more workforce housing

End Gun Violence
Enough of the politics that have turned schools, public events, and communities in war zones. You have my promise that I will back legislation in Lansing that:

  • Enact red-flag laws that empower families & law enforcement to prevent gun tragedies
  • Supports Universal Background Checks
  • Keeps guns out of schools and out of the hands of children
  • Gets modified and/or “ghost” guns off the streets
  • Allow local communities, schools, and places of worship to ban guns from their buildings

Protect our Elections
Our constitutional right to vote is sacred and under attack from Republicans in Lansing. I will protect these rights by fighting voter suppression efforts in Lansing by:

  • Voting against bills that add barriers to the ballot box for citizens
  • Voting against “Voter ID” laws meant to suppress votes
  • Supporting our local clerks as they safely administer our elections
  • Allow for the creation of a permanent absentee ballot list
  • Support laws that allow early voting
  • Ensure ballots postmarked by election day and received within 72 hours of an election will be counted

Protect our Environment

Protecting Michigan’s natural resources for future generations and addressing climate change are crucial. I’m ready to:

  • Support immediate solutions that address Climate Change
  • Protect Michigan’s Resources from corporate polluters by forcing them to pay for when the damage the environment
  • Fight for Environmental Justice in our communities to secure clean air and water for all
  • Create jobs and end our dependence on foreign oil by supporting advances in Electric Vehicles and Clean Technology.
  • Support a large-scale increase in state investments to conduct deep energy efficiency retrofits in buildings (especially in low-income housing and state owned buildings)

Fight for Justice
My experiences have made me passionate about justice, it’s why I became a lawyer. I have the experience and the plans to:

  • Work for Policing Reforms and solutions that de-escalate violent encounters and create state-wide standards for police use of force policies that include banning choke holds, banning shooting at moving vehicles, requiring comprehensive reporting, and intervention requirements when other officers are using excessive force
  • End the school to prison pipeline, eliminate bail systems that prey on the poorest citizens, and other crucial criminal justice reforms
  • Advance legislation that secures safety and equity under the law for LGBTQIA+ citizens
  • Support anti-racist legislation and efforts to accurately teach the struggle for racial justice to students
  • Fight to protect reproductive rights in Michigan and repeal the 1931 Michigan law that makes abortion services illegal in Michigan

Fix our Broken Healthcare System
We can do more to make healthcare affordable and accessible and that’s why I will:

  • Support Prescription Drug Affordability to make lifesaving prescriptions affordable to all
  • Explore solutions that provide equity in access to care for the most vulnerable among us
  • Do more for the Mental Health Crisis by supporting solutions that expand access to care and medication
  • Address the rise in Substance Use Disorders by securing resources for our communities